Dear guest,

Our partner restaurants will be delighted to cook meals on your request in a separate kitchen and to deliver your orders directly to the villa. Unlimited tea, coffee and drinking water are complimentary. We are happy to take note of your preffered level of spiciness. Full board meals include breakfast, lunch and dinner and cost around US$12 per person per day (depends on number of people ordering).
Customers can enjoy their meals at a beachfront restaurant, order food from an established local warung or visit any other restaurant nearby. We will share a list of local restaurants to explore upon your arrival. Below we introduce some a la carte dishes available for direct in-villa delivery.

Breakfast options:

1. Mixed fruit salad. Served with yogurt, muesli and honey.

2. Special omelette. With green vegetables, tomato & feta cheese. Garlic and onion as extras.
3. Smoothie bowl blueberry. Blueberry, banana, honey, granola and coconut flakes.
4. Breakfast burrito. Scrambled eggs, avocado, local beans and salad wrapped in a rice based tortilla.
5. Sweet potato toast. Sweet potato with scrambled eggs and avocado.
6. Avocado toast. Toasted bread with mashed avocado, scrambled eggs and feta cheese.
7. Europaean breaky. Fruit platter, 2 slices of bread with butter and jam. 2 eggs any style.
8. Fruit Pancake.

Lunch and 'all day long' options:


1. Greek salad. Traditional Greek salad on a bed of fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber, paprika and feta cheese.
2. Caprese salad. Tomato, mozzarella, cheese and basil.
3. Rainbow salad. Young papaya, carrots, beetroot, on a bed of fresh lettuce. 
4. Grilled Mahi Mahi salad. Mahi Mahi fish, cucumber, tomato, corn and avocado. On a bed of fresh lettuce with lemongrass, lime and olive oil dressing.
5. Coconut salad. Fresh coconut, tomato, beetroot and sprouts with olive oil dressing. 


1. Soto Ayam - chicken soup. Served with vegetables.

2. Chicken broth with rice. Served with vegetables.

3. Noodle soup. Served with vegetables, sliced chicken and boiled egg.

4. Sweet potato soup.

5. Pumpkin soup.

6. Mixed green vegetable soup. 

7. Lentil soup. Served with tortilla bread. 

Balinese dishes:

1. Mie goreng. Fried noodles with vegetables, sliced chicken, peanuts, boiled egg and crackers. 

2. Nasi goreng. Fried rice with vegetables, sliced chicken, egg and crackers. 

3. Nasi goreng special. Fried rice with vegetables, tomatoes, crackers and grilled fish (Mahi Mahi).

4. Chicken curry special. Chicken and vegetables served with rice. 

Bali goes international:

1. Chicken fettuchini. Noodles in a cream sauce with garlic, onions, basil and mushrooms.

2. Spaghetti aglio olio. Noodles in olive oil with garlic, onions, chilli and parmesan cheese. 

3. Chicken spaghetti. Noodles with homemade tomato sauce, chicken and parmesan cheese. 

For fish and meat lovers:

1. Seasonal grilled fish. Served with vegetables and Balinese sambal.

2. Fish & chips. Served with mix of normal and sweet potato french fries. 

3. Grilled squid. Served with vegetables, balinese sambal and rice. 

4. Fish curry. Fresh fish from the morning market, mixed vegetables and rice. 

5. Best spare ribs. Served with French fries. 

Vegetarian dishes:

1. Gado-gado. Vegetables, boiled egg, homemade peanut sauce and cracker. 

2. Vegetable omelette. Served with homemade tomato sauce.

3. Vegetable spring rolls. Served with peanut and soy sauce. 

4. Vegetarian rice bowl. Fried vegetables, egg, cracker and tempeh served with homemade Balinese sambal.

5. Vegetarian sandwich. Sandwich with tomato, cucumber and tempeh served with fried sweet potatoes.

6. Spaghetti a la Bolognese. Noodles with with homemade tomato sauce with tofu and parmesan cheese.

7. Fried tempeh. Served with sweet soy sauce or homemade tomato sauce. 

8. Balinese salad 'Urab'. Cooked mixed vegetables with coconut and Balinese spices, served with tepmeh, rice and peanuts.

9. House special wrap. Coriander, basil, mint, carrot, sprouts, avocado (if available), greens, tempeh and peanut sauce in a wrap.

10. Eggplant pasta. Eggplant, homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese. 

11. Fried sweet potato balls. 3 pieces, served with homemade tomato or peanut sauce.

12. Special veggie burger. Tempeh, avocado (during season), tomatoes, sprouts, choice of Balinese sambal, homemade tomato sauce or peanut sauce served with fried sweet potatoes. 

Vegan dishes:

1. Vegetable curry. Mixed vegetables served with rice.

2. Mixed chips. Sweet potato and casava chips served with sambal or homemade tomato sauce and beetroot.

3. Pan fried sweet potatoes. Served with mixed vegetables and homemade tomato tomato sauce. 

4. Fried cauliflower. Served with homemade tomato sauce. 

5. Mixed grilled vegetables. Grilled in olive oil, served with homemade peanut sauce. 

6. Vegan satay. Tempeh, paprika and tomatoes. Served with rice and homemade peanut sauce.

Homemade stone oven pizza:

1. Bali pizza. Homemade tomato sauce, sliced chicken, oregano, chili, fresh basil, garlic and mozzarella cheese. Vegetables as extras.

2. Chicken pizza. Homemade tomato sauce, sliced chicken, vegetables, fresh basil oregano, garlic and mozzarella cheese.

3. Hawaiian-Balinese pizza. Homemade tomato sauce, sliced chicken, pineapple, oregano and mozzarella cheese. 

4. Tuna pizza. Homemade tomato sauce, vegetables, fresh tuna from the morning market with tomato sauce, oregano and mozzarella cheese.

Vegetarian and vegan pizza:

1. Pizza Margherita. Homemade tomato sauce, oregano, basil and mozzarella cheese.

2. Tomato pizza. Homemade tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, oregano, onions and mozzarella cheese.

3. Vegetarian pizza. Homemade tomato sauce, mixed vegetables, oregano, basil and mozzarella cheese.

4. Spinach pizza. Homemade tomato sauce, spinach, black olives, feta and mozzarella cheese.

5. Tropical pizza. Homemade tomato sauce, spinach, black olives, feta and mozzarella cheese.

6. Vegan pizza. Homemade tomato sauce, mixed vegetables, rocula salad, fresh basil and homemade tapioca coconut milk cheese.


1. Raw chocolate ball. Dates, cacao, honey, coconut oil and cashew nuts.

2. Fried banana. Served with cinnamon and honey. 

3. Dadar gulung. Rolled pancake with coconut flakes and palm sugar.

4. Frozen chocolate banana. Apple, ginger, celery, mint, cucumber and lime.

5. Cake of the day. 

Fresh juices:

1. Fruit juice of your choice. Bali orange, lemon, papaya, pineapple, watermelon or  mango(during season).

2. Fruit lassie. Fruit of your choice mixed with yogurt.

3. Wake up. Bali orange, lemon, carrot and ginger.

4. Green pleasure for full power. Celery, mint, cucumber and lime.

5. Sweet and spicy pleasure. Apple, ginger, mint, cucumber and lime. 

6. Cool down. Cucumber, mint, apple, celery and lime.

7. Beetroot blessing. Beetroot, cucumber, pineapple, ginger, lime and mint.

8. Vitamin C blast. Bali orange, carrot, pineapple, papaya and basil.

9. Immune boost. Carrot, apple and ginger.

10. Bloody good. Beetroot, apple, lime and cucumber.